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Craft dark chocolate made from single origin cocoa beans, handmade in West Virginia.

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Local • Handmade • Single Origin • Bean-to-Bar •
Local • Handmade • Single Origin • Bean-to-Bar •
Local • Handmade • Single Origin • Bean-to-Bar •
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Single origin beans

Each chocolate bar we sell uses beans sourced exclusively from a single farm or region. We believe that like fine wines, our chocolate bars are meant to be savored and appreciated for their quality and complexity, imparted by variations in the climate, soil, and fermentation process of each region.

We currently feature products sourced from Tanzania, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic
Cacao beans from the Communitario Zorzal in Cibao, Dominican Republic.
Cacao beans sourced from the Cusco region of Peru.
Cacao beans sourced from Kokoa Kamili Fermentary in Mbingu Village, Tanzania.

Just two ingredients

We keep it simple: just cacao beans and cane sugar. No additives or stabilizers like butters, lecithins, oils, or flavorings.

This allows us to highlight the pure, unique flavors imparted by the bean origins. We also roast, shell, grind and temper the beans right here in West Virginia to ensure the utmost quality.

cocoa beans on a white backdrop
Cacao Beans
closeup of cane sugar granuals
Cane Sugar
a bracket combining cacao beans and sugar to equal chocolate

Our bars

Tanzania chocolate bar


Beans sourced from Kokoa Kamili Fermentary
Tasting notes of lemon cheesecake, blackberry, walnut and coffee.
Peru chocolate bar


Beans sourced from the Urubamba Valley, Cusco
Tasting notes of tobacco, dark fudge and banana.
Dominican Republic chocolate bar

Dominican Republic

Beans sourced from Zorzal Estate
Tasting notes of mexican hot chocolate, caramel, cherries and pine nuts.
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How we produce our bean-to-bar chocolate

We use a five step process and only two ingredients in each of our bars. Here are the stages we use for every batch we make:


cocoa beans on a white backdrop

We start by roasting our single origin beans

We roast our beans to develop their optimal flavor profile.


roasted cacao beans

The roasted beans are shelled using custom machinery

We utilise the full bean by saving our cacao shells for teas and infusions.


smooth melted chocolate in a melanger

We grind the shelled beans together with cane sugar

We use a machine called a melanger that pulverizes the shelled, roasted beans with the sugar until smooth.


melted chocolate on a counter

The ground chocolate is tempered

Once ground, the chocolate is tempered (heated) to the proper temperature. This process requires finesse to ensure a solid bar that shines and “snaps.”


chocolate being poured into a mold

We pour, cool and package the finished chocolate

Once tempered, we pour the chocolate into molds. After the chocolate sets, we package in our signature chocolate boxes.
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About us

Holly Lane Chocolate was founded by two brothers born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia. We have a passion for excellent products, and our mission is to create chocolates that are exciting, enjoyable, and benefit the local economy.

Our products are available exclusively in West Virginia at this time, but we're working to expand in the near future. Subscribe to our newsletter to follow our journey and stay informed!

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